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I am not a dog.¬†I am a Heeler. I am half Wolverine, half barbed wire and ALL attitude. I am either your best friend or your worst enemy, depending on YOUR attitude. I can herd the wildest cows or the gentlest of sheep with equal determination. I can work all day in snow storms, the pouring rain or blistering heat, and then ask you to throw the ball when we get done. I will argue with you at every turn. After all, I know what I’m doing and the best way to get ‘er done. I am easy to feed. I will eat your steak, or the dead, rotten gopher I found in the field. You will never be without a navigator in the truck. I will protect you from burglars, grizzly bears, badgers, that mean bull, and that strange shadow in the corner of the barn. I will hog the bed and the couch. I will steal your sandwich, your chair, your boot and your heart. You will never have to go to the bathroom alone. I will lick your face right after I eat fresh cow shit. I will sleep next to you when you are sick and heal you with my love. I am Heeler…..Respect me…..Love me……But NEVER EVER underestimate me!!



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